Time is our most valuable commodity

Some of us value time more than others, how much time do you have to waste?


Time is in your hands and is completely within your control.

Welcome. Since you landed at our site, time has moved on. Time is in your hands and is completely within your control. Our ticking time clock highlights our biggest service offering…SAVING TIME because every second counts, right?. You might have already spent some time trying to solve your motoring requirement and this time has been lost forever. We can offer a safe, one stop, contactless, socially distant solution for all your motoring requirements. If your vehicle needs an Mot test, a service or specific repair, why leave the safety of your home? Why click anywhere else? We really do go that extra mile, so you don’t have to. We can also do all the other stuff like, tyres, brakes, exhausts, air conditioning, you know!

Here at the relaunched garage we save you time, WE ARE TIME SAVERS. Each of our clients SAVES on average FOUR HOURS PLUS when they choose to instruct us. If you are not interested in saving your time, we probably won’t be a good fit for you. If you are chasing for deals, again, we won’t be a good fit. We deliver on service and we do it REALLY well. Typically our Mot examination is charged at £54.85. This is the fee recommended by the government and is free of Vat. When you consider that this includes collection and delivery, on average FOUR HOURS PLUS of saved time and a clean car on return (worth £20 Plus at the local carwash) this is the best offer in the market place. (To book, click to our Contact Us page up above)

We offer by contactless appointment only, door to door collection and delivery from home of local workplace. *All vehicles are delivered back with a complementary clean. Our motoring alternative is priceless to those discerning motorists who value and do not want to waste VALUABLE time. Our proprietor has over thirty years of professional motor trading experience. He has been recognised as an award winning service provider and has collected over 1,500 reviews on multiple social media platforms. See some examples at our testimonials page

* Some Covid 19 restrictions might apply (please ask for details)